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the slut scribes' Journal

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  2004.02.06  20.45

MachinesCollapse )


  2003.05.12  18.52
cross posted

to the dirtygirls community

but you can't see them and they prob won't look at this so...

Be My BabyCollapse )


  2003.01.19  22.23

Rough Boy Thing - part 4Collapse )


Now it just needs a better title : )


  2003.01.19  22.21

Rough Boy Thing - part 3Collapse )


  2003.01.19  22.22

Rough Boy Thing - part 2Collapse )


  2003.01.19  22.03
Not a continuation of previous : )

I have written all of this but I believe LJ will only let me post a certain amount at a time.

Rough Boy Thing - Part 1Collapse )


  2003.01.05  05.29

More part 9Collapse )

You are welcome to point out continuity errors as I see I haven't updated this for over a month. This one seems to be moving slow, so I might post other bits inbetween.

Fans of Trish smut can always read my DJ (Rigormortia) for write up of much of my sex life and some weirdness. x x x


  2002.11.08  11.17

Ok, stay with me on this one. What I said last time was the beginning of part 9 I’ve decided now is actually the end of part 8. You probably don’t care why, you just want to read the next installment so wipe those cheeky grins off your faces, lace up your corsets and prepare to face the fearsome Vena again in part 9.

Don’t worry she’s armless - *ducks and runs*

part 9Collapse )



  2002.11.06  10.42

Have some already written smut. I am too tired to finish part 9 of story, maybe at the weekend.


  2002.10.31  14.29

Only a bit, but has taken me months to get around to writing next bit so please excuse brevity and me putting it here before I write any more.

(start of) part 9Collapse )


  2002.10.29  14.28

Ok. Now it gets wierd. Part 7 is straighforward enough, but I seem to have two separate versions of part 8 - and part 8 is as far as story has got. Will show you second version of part 8 in separate post so as not to confuse and also to give you the opportunity not to read it if you don't want - it appears to omit Julia's reaction to something fairly obvious about Vena (hands up if you've guessed what).

After which, I will have to get on with parts 9 and 10. : )

part 7Collapse )

part 8Collapse )


  2002.10.27  23.40
My stories so far

Hi all - this is neat :-)

In case anyone's not seen, I have 23 stories published on my website. I'll involve this community in future works, but for the moment I'd appreciate any constructive criticism of any of them. Mostly related to bondage & fetish stuff, assorted genders involved.

You can find them here - enjoy!


  2002.10.27  15.19

Watch me be a cynical fuck! Perhaps I had more than my fair share of 'Darren's before I turned gay.

Thanks for comment, person who commented. Comments are welcome and encouraging. In somewhat inebriated state I attempt to sort out cut tags properly and all that so I can bring you...

part 5Collapse )

part 6Collapse )


  2002.10.26  07.00

Next story instalments for those following. More plot than sex.

part 3Collapse )

part 4Collapse )


  2002.10.23  16.12
Parts one and two

Am towards end of a story that I want to finish off. Will serialize it here to encourage me to do so.

A problem with writing lengthier stories is my attention span. It's not very lo.. oh look over there, something else just happened.

Part OneCollapse )

Part TwoCollapse )

More soon!


  2002.10.20  21.10

I set up this community because I wanted there to be somewhere where writers of erotic fiction could display their work and bounce ideas off each other. Have spent most of evening setting it up and working out how I could let myself join so I will keep this short.

However, if I dig around in the home directory a moment ...

Here's one I did (much) earlierCollapse )