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Half an hour later saw Julia standing before the large mirror admiring her own reflection. Her dress, a thing of bright red velvet clung around her curves, some delicate black embroidery here and there accentuating the line of her breast curving down to her stomach, tiny black flowers all along. Shimmering white stockings and gleaming red platform shoes that glistened like sweets. She had her hair up and what make up she had brought she had used to draw her face into something vaguely oriental. A geisha woman. A servant. Something desired and yet untouchable, protected. The effect went very well to the sound of the gong announcing she was required downstairs.

Feeling very much like she was playing a game, she trotted to the lounge where she met Vena, draped in black silk and wearing a diamond choker.

"My darling girl, you look ...more than adequate" was the woman's greeting, "Please do take a seat."

Julia looked around for somewhere to sit. There appeared to be nowhere other than the rug at Vena's feet, so she crouched there a while before sitting, careful that her heels should not damage her dress or the floor.

Vena spoke into a black box beside her "We are ready for you, Mr Zero" and then, more triumphantly "Let the entertainment commence!"

The lights became dimmed save for a spotlight at the far end of the room. Into this light stepped Adrian. Julia jolted and wondered whether to keep looking when she saw that he had nothing on apart from his underpants. His physique, bared, had more muscle than she had presumed upon seeing him fully clothed. A gentle ballet music started up, and Adrian began to dance. This went on for some time. At first Julia wanted to laugh at the oddness of the situation, but presently she settled into quietness and eventually into glancing covertly at her watch, which she still had on.

"Do you find Mr Zero graceful, my dear?" enquired Vena.

"Er, yes, very graceful" she said, quietly.

"Ah, but you are bored of this, aren't you? Come now, Zero, we must think of a more amusing entertainment for our guest."

Adrian stopped at the end of his pirouette and looked haughtily at Julia. He went away to switch off the music then came back, walking towards her slowly and keeping his gaze fixed on her.

"Miss Wassim. For Zero to begin to entertain you, you must do me the favour of sitting next to me, here, I will move a little."

Julia stood up uncertainly and took the narrow place Vena had made her on the chaise long.

"Now recline back, further back, I want your head down here like so."

"But why?" stuttered Julia "I'd be practically lying down if I did that"

Vena tutted. Zero was standing right in front of them both now, a wicked grin spreading across his face, looking at odds with Vena's impatience.

"My dear girl. I know very well the sort of entertainment young girls like yourself are fond of, and here I am being nice to you by offering it, nice to Zero as he likes to be permitted to indulge in such simple pleasures and nice to myself as I will be able to watch. We aim to provide you with some home comforts here. I reasoned this might be something you were missing."

As Vena spoke, Julia felt paralysed and unable to prevent Zero from separating her legs and reaching to slide down her silky black pants. Black with threads of red embroidery along them, shimmering and special, expensive material slipped over her knees now and down to the floor, along with any illusion that she might have any say in the matter. And yet as he kneeled between her legs and put his face close to her labia, she somehow flipped from potential terror to an alternative evaluation of the situation. - Darren, for all his good points, never stayed down for more than 30 seconds. If she could ignore the strange woman's presence, perhaps she would get into it and see how this guy fared.

You are welcome to point out continuity errors as I see I haven't updated this for over a month. This one seems to be moving slow, so I might post other bits inbetween.

Fans of Trish smut can always read my DJ (Rigormortia) for write up of much of my sex life and some weirdness. x x x
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