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Not a continuation of previous : )

I have written all of this but I believe LJ will only let me post a certain amount at a time.

A year from now....

It's sunny and too hot for walking further
"The nearest pub" you sigh when I ask you where you want to go now
And it's cool inside and you sink onto the hard seat, not caring
Asking for a drink of "anything"

I watch you from the bar
Taking out your mobile phone and checking it
Smiling at a message you're reading
Your hair, still fair, caught by sunlight that got through the dark in here
You look tired but you look good
I like to see you happy, it should happen more often

I looked only at our glasses as I carried them steadily over
But even then I felt someone was looking

Sitting opposite you our feet brush under the table
Semi-tenderness - we still don't know quite where we are together
Too exhausted to flirt around my hopes and dreams
But you give me yourself in your gratitude as
You take the cool drink gratefully in your hot hand

When we've drunk some you start to tell me you'd like some adventure
And I think how I'd like to give you fur rugs to roll on, log fires and caviar
Disco inferno, mystery tour, throw the world at your feet somehow
But I've only got my time, buying you a drink maybe taking you home to talk
I feel a pauper

Yet we're rich with caring
You take my hand and caress it, not embarrassed, what the hell, we probably won't come here again
You want me to tell you things
You want me to tell you secrets - pull gifts from my head
I'll do my best
We started this a while ago
I'm wooing you with scenarios that have yet to be acted out

So I tell you you're tied with black leather bonds and silver buckles that I don't actually own
I tell you you're spread on a polished wooden table under a chandelier
And I'm sitting at the table with my arms folded
And you're waiting for what I will do to you
Waiting for the first touch, quiet in submissive anticipation
Taking little measured breaths and keeping calm as best you can

Across the table, in the pub, you are closing your eyes to imagine it
And biting your lower lip the way you do
A sneaky smile as I tell you of my hand brushing down your body gently
Flicking over your nipples, flicking over your pussy in seemingly incidental strokes
Of how your body arches up to receive more attention
Of how I would tell you that we are going to bargain
More sexual touching will come when you take pain for me
A soft leather flogger giving it's first sharp caresses
One across the top of each of your thighs

You're gripping my hand and you want me to go on
But I'm distracted, disturbed and I say " in a little while"
Which bless you, you just say "ok" to and keep with the dream yourself
Though I take back my hand and you don't see I'm frowning
"We're being watched"

A man sat at the bar has turned just a few degrees to his left to look
His gaze flicks back to rolling his cigarette when he sees I've noticed
But he can't keep from darting us glances
Especially not when you tactfully turn to get something from your coat pocket
And 'happen' to catch his eye as well

He's rough, jeans and t-shirt, the jeans have paint stains on
Mop of dark brown hair bet he doesn't spend too long in front of the mirror
But if I were him I wouldn't be away from it
Taking in the crystal hazel eyes, the soft pale skin with barely perceptible freckles
Slightly upturned nose, full lips
He's got muscles "probably not from the gym, probably from hauling furniture out of lorries"
You giggle as I'm telling him to you
I fancy that he reads Voltaire and Hakim Bey in secret
But to tell the truth, you counter, having another glance "he probably wouldn't understand it"

You're getting up you want to come and sit next to me
It's so obvious and staged, you want to be able to look
And have him look at both of us
We feel like teenagers, it must be obvious to him we're holding hands beneath the table
That's what we want him to see
I'm going with your flash of daring
Adventures? If they serve them here then we'll share one, thank you

His move, he's brave to a point, he turns to face us
I try to keep a straight face, I don't want him to think he's being mocked
Though a playground scene where we laugh at him as we tease him - well now
The glances have turned to a steady gaze
You ask me do I want to carry on the story
It can wait till another time if necessary - shall we see if we can keep rough boy's attention?

You keep looking at him while you put your arms around me
Your head is held high, I get your proud profile
A smile like you've already conquered
You rest yourself on my neck and quietly just out of earshot
"He's beautiful, and so are you" you say
For a few moments there's the quiet perfection of anticipation
Our whole world in the disharmonious chorus of confusion of the kind we sluts love
Until he gets up

"We're losing him" I say
You shrug, I have to act
He's gathering his things to leave
"Would you like to come and sit with us?"
Who said that? Oh fuck, it was me wasn't it
Your grip tightening around me and your gasp of disbelief makes it worth it
Even if he doesn't
But no, he is stopping at our table
A forced smile, "Alright, ..hello"
He wants to know can he buy us both a drink

I clutch you with a small amount of excited terror
Till he returns and sits down clumsily opposite us

We sit up, the situation suddenly sobered
There are introductions
He's called Darren, and we'll remember him as Gary or Dave or Darren or something
Rough boy hasn't actually got a great deal to say
But he's not crude, he hasn't been pushing any innuendo or 'lesbian' jokes
He probably reads a bit of Shakespeare on the sneak
That'll do me

You are taking control
You introduce me as your girlfriend - my title for the day
Our other poly connections you fail to mention
You ask him if he has a girlfriend too
And with your eyes unbuttoning his jeans and sliding your hand down
Your voice is sympathising when he tells you they broke up

Holding my hand in full view on the table now
He's curious and with his own bit of daring he asks
- "Do you like men as well?"
He could be anybody, why should I trust him?
Why should I say what I want to say?
Don't tell him that we like the look of him, don't go beyond safe flirt zone
"Sometimes" you tell him
Opening the web of gentle deceit to let him in a bit

And I'm thinking of how and what and where and would it be safe
There's two of us, there's one of him
If I damp it down would you forgive me? If I go too far, would you be scared?
Till I tell my head to shut up and stay with the moment
And by the time I've done that you have already touched his hand

He watches your fingers trailing lines along his open palm
He twitches, he is solemn
He is meek, we can trust him, he's just a puppy thing
It's going to be good to look back on
Good to tell it like a story, "You won't believe what we did"
But I'm scared now

"You sure?" he wants to know, "Does she want to as well?"
I realise I didn't hear what you asked him
"You want to as well don't you?" you say, - I've never seen you like this
Nudging me with your leg under the table, stroking
He says he doesn't want to cause any trouble between us
He's going to the bathroom, we can talk about it while he's gone

Rough boy gets back long after we've finished negotiating our heads round this mad thing
We tell him he's coming with us, to my house
And we leave the pub, holding him like a pair of groupies
Get into a cab, shoppers staring, and drive off to have your adventure
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