Trish (trishpiglet) wrote in slutscribe,

No pretence of social niceties
No defence for denim clad Darren
We are mauling him even in the back of the taxi cab
"Keep your hands to yourself unless we say"
And he's the wide eyed one, as apprehensive as we are
He does what he is told
Riding along back streets - our driver gives us silent disapproval
Never mind it's warm to put your hand up Darren's top
To let your seeking fingers relish the soft tufts of hair round his nipples
He has his arms behind his head like he's sunbathing
And he's staring straight ahead

Soon we're bursting into the house and running up the stairs
Soon we're turning on music for a backdrop to our joy
Darren is paying the frowning taxi driver
And walking sheepishly through the front door
'The dogs bark at him and jump up till he pets them
He ruffles their fur and looks up the stairs
To where the Sirens (that's us, my sweet) are luring him

"Should we get him to have a bath?" I ask you
He leans back against the wall, says he had a shower before he came out
And you get him to raise his arms so you can see how he smells
Does this irritate him? Is he going to bolt?
"I like it when you tell me what to do" he ventures
"Then get in the bedroom, Darren, and lie down on the bed"

We'll undress him first and then undress each other
I used to do this to each poor sucker
Who thought he was taking my virginity
Take all their clothes off first, let them be the vulnerable one
But there's no bitterness in debagging this catch
I work on the t-shirt, cool and white slipping it up softly over warm flesh
He's muscle, firm but with some give
Curls of hair bounce back round his ears as the t-shirt is cast aside
You are working the buttons of his jeans
Like a kid at Christmas ripping open her present
"OOoh! Nice" you bid me come look
His tight black pants grip a straining cock bulge
My finger hovers millimetres over it and makes as if to stroke
"Shall we touch you? ...Not yet, be a good boy and wait"

Lying either side of him, we reach across to undo each other's clothes
Our caresses all for each other none for him, but we are pressed so close
I free your shoulders from your blouse and flick against your nipples through your lace bra
We have Darren naked and wanting - it would be a waste not to take our time
He can watch and learn - though his eyes are full of want for sex rather than sexual education

You hitch my dress up over my head
I was naked beneath, it was going to be your surprise should you have chosen to discover it
The whole day feeling vaguely turned on at intervals
Like our guest, I'm hungry
It seems the thing to do to press our naked bodies against his
His hands twitch wanting to touch, but he is still under orders
The Sirens crawl over him, press themselves strategically against his cock
Graze their breasts over his bare chest and kiss each other full on the lips
My fingers pushing into your mouth where you lick and suck them greedily
Your hand with a death grip on my hair, being rough with me in your passion
You'd be excused for thinking we were professionals

We have not planned,
Our thoughts have been moment to moment
In the warmth of the darkening room
Sticky heat of three bodies pressed close
We are however at no loss

We clutch and grope each other greedily across his smooth torso
Taking handfuls of him as well so that at any time
Our fingers might be dancing over hard boy hip bone, filled with soft breast or
Caressing the delicate structure of his sensitive ear
We touch and take all
While our willing captive lies motionless but for gentle breathing and swelling cock
Trembling lips betraying the effort in his patience

"Remember that day" comes your voice from where you're nestled
"You began to teach me to use the riding crop?"
I check on Darren for reaction, "That was on a cushion though, my darling" I say
And it begins to look as though lesson two may be more fun
Though thinking back I'd split my sides at you telling the cushion it was a very naughty cushion

I take his face in a strong grip, his eyes are closed so I order him to look at me
"Are you going to let us hurt you?"
He says we can do anything we want
I should be responsible here, should tell him like someone told me when I was new -
"Never tell anyone that"
But I'm not the remotest bit interested in preparing him for a future SM life
Just want to use him and abuse him - he's ours today
The safeword conversation would similarly take time I don't wish to waste
We'll just keep him talking and check in like that

We get Darren on his front and I take the crop from my shelf of toys
You are sitting back on your heels to watch
One hand still touching his head, absently caressing his hair
Your eyes sparkle with mischief and joy
I swear to fuck I've never seen you look so beautiful as you do now
Looking warm and open to me
I may pay Rough Boy a handsome sum for having broken the ice

I tap him to test it out
"You build up gently" says I the teacher to you the pupil
He squirms around at the building heat - I don't go harder I just go faster
"Then you try some harder ones"
The first takes him by surprise with its force
He grips at the pillow and gasps
"Tell me how that was, Darren"
Man of few words just says it was okay
"Then you won't mind another ten like it will you"

Your turn
You stand at my signal and take the instrument of torture
You see how it fits in your hand, how it swishes through the air
Darren flinches at the sound
And your eyes widen already with your newfound power

I come behind you to guide you
My body pressed behind yours and a little kiss to your neck
Together we are raising your arm
But alone you bring it down and land the crop hard across his arse
He jumps
A red line appears on his buttocks where his pants don't cover
"Nine more," you tell him, "You're going to count them for me"
And you steady yourself to carry on while I watch you, very proud of you

At stroke four he is gasping audibly and stiffening
You make stroke five a little lighter
We have him say "Six ma'am, thank you ma'am"
Seven lands on the backs of his thighs and glows red
Eight makes him sob so there is a rest before nine is attempted

"The last stroke should be the hardest" I tell you, "And Darren," I say
"Do you know why that is?
"It's because you're so gorgeous and we really want to hurt you"
It doesn't follow logically but it's good as reasons for anything go
And you can't deny it's true
While you're raising your arm and judging the angle
While you're taking a deep breath
Then giving your all in one mighty swing of the crop
And it whacks him right on target

He yells, by reflex he flips onto his back and edges away
"That's all, Darren" I reassure, "Anyway your cock says you liked it"
And he's calming as we drop down again by his side
To enjoy at close range the hard rod beneath black cotton pants
"You can take them off for us now"
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