Trish (trishpiglet) wrote in slutscribe,

The indignity of baring yourself in front of those who have just beaten you
Is what he, for the first time, feels
'Cause give me yourself and I'll hurt you then I make you let me fuck you

"Slowly" is how we ask his treasures to be revealed to us
The black pants inch down freeing soft pubic hair
Till his cock bounces into view, warm and willing
"You took the beating well," I tell him "So it's time for us to give you something"
And I go one side of him and beckon you to the other

We stoop to lick and suck his cock
Heads close together as if in mutual prayer
Strands of your hair brush my cheek from the corner of my eye I get your smile
And it's our lips on his shaft, the soft skin - the firmness beneath
Tight skin over cool testicles see if you grip around them but don't press
It gets him harder
And your lips meet mine we kiss wet and warm a while
Before you lean up and plunge him full into your mouth
Sinking down and eating him
I take the chance to tell him he had better not come in your mouth

He looks down at himself, at us like he can hardly believe
I caress his chest, his thighs, his belly
I want him to feel touched, and my gratitude

Then "My dear," I say to you politely as one might say over tea and biscuits
Rather than over Rough Boy trade
"We're being very kind to him and that's only fair since he gave it up and got beaten
"But I'd like to make him wait a while and (I hope you'll forgive my forwardness, my sweet)
"I'd like to have you where he's lying and get my hands on you"

Mistress of beauty, mistress contradictory
You give me a look like you're telling me
Did I think you'd be so easy? Who am I to dare to try and take you on?
But at the same time you are stretching back slowly
Sinking onto the mound of crisp pillows at the top of the bed
And your features soften into some sort of smile
And you laugh I get him to grasp your hands
I say "Hold her down" and his arm is broad and firm across your chest
You stretch up to get
The tentatively offered kiss he thought appropriate

Blindfolded by the curl of his hair resting on your cheek
Lips still tasting lips and feeling the warmth of his face
So I press fingers into your thigh unseen
So I take a grip and push your legs apart enough
To begin tapping around your pussy like I always wanted to make you squirm
This trace of fingernail lightly over your clit through your pants
It makes you jerk, it makes you kiss him more
You spread your legs wider to tell me yes
And a hand you got free from where Rough Boy held you
Makes to hike down your own underwear

For now, my precious, you can have it for now
I pull the pants to one side and get my mouth on there
Making the already wet wetter, sliding warm and quick with practiced tongue
Stopping to order him hold you more firmly down
Your little shrieks muffled into his mouth are telling me
You like the peaks, you like finding it difficult to take
Some feeling that if it continued you'd be coming, but no
I'll only give you it in bursts

So blame my desire to impress
For the fingers that dance just inside your pussy lips
Not going deep enough or firm enough to get you off
They press up against your G spot and come out of you again to flicker on your clit
And no matter how much your hips writhe up
You cannot get enough

Since my hand can't reach your nipples I decide that I will stop
The moan of protest from you is more than reward
Sweet and sulky thing
Don't give me that fretting as you tear yourself away from his embrace
I'm just taking a moment to decide
(For when I've got your breasts held and slipping your nipples through tweaking fingertips)
Whether I give you rough boy mouth for your hungry pussy or rough boy cock
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