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Parts one and two

Am towards end of a story that I want to finish off. Will serialize it here to encourage me to do so.

A problem with writing lengthier stories is my attention span. It's not very lo.. oh look over there, something else just happened.

Part One
"Julia, I am beginning to despair."
So said the older woman seated across from the younger. They were in the cafe at the Art Gallery. Grey rain fell into the grey river outside.
Julia clutched her cup and listened.

"Over the years you've come to me with one drama or another to do with one lover or another; and while I don't mind in the least being your confidante.." (she put up her hand to indicate that she should be allowed to finish) "I do not see you moving on from the same tedious pattern."

There was a silence. Valerie saw that Julia was looking away.
More softly, she continued. "If it's tedious for me to hear about it then I can only imagine how tedious it must be to experience".

Valerie wore a brooch on the lapel of her suit. A diamante milky way against the almost-black. A suit, for Valerie, meant a jacket and a skirt, never trousers. No, thought Julia, stop. She made a conscious effort to listen to what Valerie was saying.

"Your lovers are so much your life that there's no room left for yourself. Every problem you have ever brought to me has been to do with them.
"You say you want to be loved; but what has happened to those who loved you, Julia? You were bored by their devotion. You seek to be challenged, someone cold and cruel who'll make you suffer emotionally. Being the attractive and charming girl you are, you win them round. And then what?"
Julia met Valerie's gaze for a painful second.
"And then, after a brief respite you are bored again."

The ball in her court and knowing that she needed to be able to talk to Valerie, Julia prepared her defence while picking at her half-eaten cake.

"I don't agree, Val. I think I just haven't met the right person yet." Chocolate stained her fingers but touche, she thought. She was young and needed guidance, she still wanted Valerie to help her to an understanding but she didn't understand yet. That was how she wanted it to seem, anyway.

"The right person for you?" mused Valerie, "Now, they would have to desire you very much in order to tolerate you. They would have to keep one step away from actually declaring their love so that you would always be wondering. They'd have to be physically perfect and desired by others so you could revel in jealousy and enjoy accusing them. I could think of more. Shall I go on?"

She had been half-joking and Julia played along.
"Yes, that's my ideal. Do you think they exist?" she asked, smiling.

"I've no doubt they exist," sighed Valerie, "but I very much wonder why they would go to all that bother."

Part Two
The sun was streaming in through Vena's lounge window. Although it sparkled on the cut glass ornaments in her open cabinet and illuminated the room with pleasing effect, she found it tiresome to her eyes.

She rolled her naked body over on the velvet chaise-long, her abundant hair tumbling over her shoulders.

A black box on the coffee table; dust motes in the shaft of light floating around it. She spoke into the box - "Zero" - her voice was grainy from last night's excess. A light came on and a prompt voice issued from the box.


"Come and shut my curtains for me, Zero."

He took a short while to appear, and when he did he appeared flustered. He was naked save for his white apron, a frilly affair which he was required to wear for domestic tasks. He fell to his knees somewhat clumsily before her and gave his bow before staggering up again to see to the curtains. His lithe legs were trembling as he stood astride her on the chaise-long and leaned sideways to pull the cord.

His cock and balls dangled pleasingly above her.

The room became cool and dark once the velvet curtains had been swished across. Zero made to climb down.

"A taste of you, Zero, my precious one" she requested.

Tentatively, oh so tentatively, he guided himself down to kneel astride her head. He lifted his apron to his chest and averted his gaze.

She watched his angelic face gradually contort in ecstasy as she took his cock and balls into her mouth and teased him to an erection. Soft hairs from his balls brushed her face.

When her mouth was in danger of tiring she bid him kneel before her on the floor.
"You can play with your erection while I watch you, Zero".

His hands fumbled. He had been drinking with her the night before, a rare treat. She'd felt at the time that perhaps she had allowed him a little too much familiarity. However, now it was apparent she had also allowed him too much red wine, for his beautiful deep set eyes were bleary and red lined.

A while watching his hand on his cock, she requested him to touch his nipples and then...

"Fetch the ointment, Zero."

He had been approaching his orgasm and now stopped with a grunt of disappointment and fear. He clutched his hands together in entreaty. Softly, he begged.
"Please Madam, not the ointment!"

"The ointment, Zero. Fetch it now or I shall take away your privileges."

Since Zero's privileges included being allowed to wash, eat from a plate and use the toilet he had no choice. He reached into the open cabinet and took out a dainty jar.

"Resume" ordered Vena.

Zero began to wank again. His face was cast down at his turgid cock as he rubbed it with his hand.

"Open the jar with your left hand" (he did so) "Take a generous scoop of ointment on your fingers."

Zero began to whimper.

"Silly boy, come here" she sighed. He trotted on his knees over to where she was lying. "Don't be such a baby, Zero. You know it hurts but you also know you can deal with it. I will allow you to kiss me while you apply it."

He pressed his lips to hers. She whispered urgently into his mouth "Now, Zero."

One second's gap and then his whole body jolted. He clamped his mouth over hers and squealed as he kissed her. A few more thrusts and she felt his hot cum splashing over her leg, extra hot from the ointment.

She allowed him some brief recovery time while he sobbed on her chest.

"Clean my leg, then clean yourself and resume your duties" she smiled, "I shall expect you at the usual time for my evening amusement."

He left her to enjoy the coolness and darkness of the room, and her own satisfaction at what she had just put him through.

More soon!
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