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Ok, stay with me on this one. What I said last time was the beginning of part 9 I’ve decided now is actually the end of part 8. You probably don’t care why, you just want to read the next installment so wipe those cheeky grins off your faces, lace up your corsets and prepare to face the fearsome Vena again in part 9.

Don’t worry she’s armless - *ducks and runs*

part 9
Some hours of sketching later and all were ready for refreshment. “If you’ll accompany me to the lounge” said Vena, “Zero will bring us tea. After this he will show you to your rooms. And then, my dear, perhaps you would like to join us for the evening’s entertainment.”

Julia was still at the point of taking in that she would have rooms as in plural in this luxury abode. “Entertainment?” she inquired, politely.

A silence. Julia looked from the queenly Vena to the amused Zero and back again. “Zero will be providing entertainment this evening. I do not yet know if his entertainments would be to your liking, Miss Wassim, however I hope that you would do me the honour of joining me for this evening at least.” that said with almost every word loaded with sarcasm.

Again, for the money, for the probable futility of bothering to insist otherwise, Julia said that she would be delighted to join them. She wondered, as she sipped her tea in silence what entertainment Adrian was going to provide. This while trying not to stare at the spectacle of him kneeling at Vena’s feet and bringing by turns to her lips a bone china cup and a perfectly cut white bread sandwich. It was as though she had, by joining them here and so much assenting, been allowed the privilege of seeing something of their private selves. She wondered when and if she would see the laughter and ease of a couple relaxing at home – it had not yet been apparent.

Was Zero even Vena’s lover? She wondered now. Perhaps he was a paid employee, a nurse, butler and driver in one. What a job! Considering how completely up herself Vena appeared to be. She expected he was handsomely paid, but still, what worth was that to be practically the slave and at the beck and call of someone so arrogant and cold? She allowed herself a brief glance in their direction once more. Adrian was wiping a crumb from Vena’s lips as though he were tenderly polishing a precious statue – and statue she seemed, aloof, unmoving. No, she didn’t understand it at all.

Her rooms were luxurious, as she had anticipated, yet as unrevealing as any anonymous hotel bedroom. Each drawer was empty, the wardrobe similarly so. A robe hung on the back of her bathroom door and so, while Vena and Adrian ventured in the car to ‘town’ (wherever that was) to get provisions, she took a bath and put on the robe. An hour passed, then another. Sitting on the huge expanse of bed she had been allocated and twirling her thumbs, Julia began to fret about how things would be at home and more so than that to long for some amusement or distraction.

From the leaded windows of her bedroom she could see the driveway and gardens of Vena’s estate, trees and lawns stretching out some distance, statues, ornate bushes in pots. Was Adrian a gardener also? Perhaps he had a secret cabin in some corner of the garden where there was TV and a stash of junk food – somewhere to escape. She smiled at her own imagination, then felt the corners of her mouth drop again slowly as she heard and then saw their car coming unhurriedly up the drive.

Standing slightly back from the window she saw Adrian step out of the car. He had on a different biker style suit, dark blue and shiny. Vena, in a different robe, was helped out of the back seat. Julia sat herself quickly on the bed in time to hear the front door closing and the sounds of voices and foot steps on the stairs.

A knock at her door. Adrian, alone and with a bundle of clothes held over his arm. “Miss DeMille has taken the liberty of selecting some garments for you. Would you like me to hang them in your wardrobe?”

(to be continued, I am doing this at work – slap wrist! and can’t carry it on at the moment)

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