Trish (trishpiglet) wrote in slutscribe,

Get up I say, I haul his arm and bring him next to me
The rules are changed I have him stand, look down at you
You poise yourself and tilt your face to look up at both of us
Maybe annoyed that your pleasure has been interrupted
Now, you no longer do what she says - only what I tell you
I stroke his arm, a slight bulge of biceps a tattoo we hadn't noticed
He is strong I am thinking he can hold you down hard

I tread on the bed, go nearer to where you are kneeling now
No, don't get up, sweetheart, as I reach down to stroke your cheek
With the backs of my fingers only - so that
I fake the touch of one who has power but does not have need
And your eyes widen and glisten, your full lips gently parted
So open and so tender and vulnerable

Like grasping delicate flowers in my fist
I think of holding my hand over your whole face
I think of pressing you down into the pillow
I feel some satisfaction even at the thought of your thrashing
And desperate reaching. Woman I am growing to care for
Baby, Im going to get him to treat you like a whore

I am right up close and guide your pretty little head till its pushed
Into my groin and hold you there to tell you what well do
My hand grasps your hair tighter You're going to get fucked
On your knees, bitch-style, arse in the air.
You're going to get fucked hard and there wont be any sweet-talking your
way to an easier deal

I feel you shudder beneath my grip
But sigh and resign yourself to it then a wave of fear, a tremble
Then you are only very still and wondering when

Time, we have all evening, all night if we must
I would love to make you wait, to threaten you with the sound of a cane
slapping hard on the bed or the stroke of something cold and hard across
your pretty throat
And have you jump in fear and not know if it was safe to relax
But I want too much to see you abused
I want you fucked now before my eyes

I push you back against the pile of pillows push you away from me
And I tell him what I want him to do
And the look on his face as he makes to clutch you so harshly, too quick
for you even though you try to scramble away
Tells me that Rough Boy will not disappoint me

A half unwrapped gift placed in his hand
He opens the packet fully and rolls it on and down
That's the time when you know its going to happen
And I am here to hold you and to watch
Just the tip of his cock introduced inside you
I keep you firm while he drives himself in
While fast and hard and with no seeming regard for anything
Other than his own pleasure
He fucks you deep and rough not stopping

And I remind you my dear I have your breasts in my hands
These and your clit are still mine and your pretty mouth
And when he has come and again when he is gone
You will still be required to stand naked and with your hands on your head
For I've seen you now in a way in which
I wish to see you over again and again
Whether it is I who puts you there or others, on your hands and knees and fucked
Is where I would see you put

My words hang somewhere in the air
Around your precious ear where strands of your hair cling, stuck by sweat
And your face is red and your eyes screwed shut
And I hold your head
Your cheek bumps against mine
And you've very soon come
Shuddering and yelling
But I tell him to go on because
I love you, sweet, and I want to hold you here


Now it just needs a better title : )
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